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How can you enhance skills and abilities of your staff
as a company?

The importance of these issues was addressed by the London School of Insurance (LSI) and in 1985 a specialist division of the school was created - THE LSI INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH TRAINING DIVISION. Since then the LSI has reached out to several thousand candidates who have attended a range of LSI Outreach Training Programmes. Courses and seminars have been conducted in a number of areas including general insurance, claims, reinsurance, risk management, governance and management development.

In 2016 it was clear that the convergence of technology with all aspects of business and everyday life was inevitable, and LSI developed an on-line platform of learning which could be used with mobiles, tablets, portables, and desk-top computers.

……. For 2020, LSI has taken a Big Leap forward.

While LSI will continue to provide tailored on-site presentations for our clients at competitive pricing, there will be a focus on providing accessible on-line education to all levels of technical staff.

LSI experience

The following training courses have been conducted in several countries in Africa, notably, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda.

Courses can be conducted in English and French.

Our team

Vinita Lotlikar

"Whatever you do, do it well"

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, Vinita’s knowledge ranges from underwriting and claims, to managing an insurance company and structuring reinsurance programmes. Vinita is able to combine the theory with the practice of (re)insurance, ensuring that the training is relevant and applicable for course participants.

John Arpel

"Inspire before you expire"

John is a seasoned insurance and reinsurance practitioner with over 50 years’ experience in the industry. His experience ranges from basic (re)insurance broking, accounting and underwriting to the more complex risk management issues such as structuring, risk financing, and risk hedging including the transferring of risks to the financial markets.
John is able to navigate and explain complex insurance and reinsurance topics in his presentations and books.

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