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Any training programme is only as good as the presenter of the course. In addition to having the required professional background all LSI lecturers and trainers are chosen for their specialist knowledge in their chosen field. Moreover, the LSI selection criteria for lecturers places great emphasis on presentation and communication skills in addition to technical knowledge.

A program focused on your specific needs

Designing our courses

Our industry expert instructors, bring more than 45 years of valuable experience and knowledge to the training room. We tailor our courses to meet the individual needs of our customers, to train and develop the next generation!

Outreach program

LSI places great emphasis on identifying the special and varying needs of overseas organisations. Each outreach training programme is specifically designed to suit individual requirements and so no two courses of similar subject matter are the same, either in content or delivery.

Online programmes

Our state of the art online platform enhances the facilitation of learning virtually, by enabling training to be delivered and accessed worldwide.

Where appropriate, local issues including case studies are incorporated within the documentation. It is our belief that the LSI course documentation serves as a useful reference document for participants’ on-going career and professional development.

’If training is expensive,
then the cost of ignorance is unimaginable’’

An attractive price

In today’s highly competitive business environment, investing in human resources is paramount to the continued viability of any organisation. We believe in providing quality training at an affordable and realistic price.

Each training programme is costed out on an individual basis and organisations are given quotations based on their requirements. Generally, it would not be cost effective to provide outreach courses of less than three days duration and overseas organisations are encouraged to consider at least a week.

Our online platform

The theme is to promote “Human Intelligence (HI)” as a viable and worthy alternative to “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. Thus, Human Intelligence (HI) + London School of Insurance (LSI) = Understanding (U). This results in our mission statement: HI + LSI = U.

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